Managing Azure AD Web App sessions with OpenID Connect and Web API access token duration

Some months ago, I came across an unexpected rare issue when dealing with AJAX calls in a MVC Web App that was making use of OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol to provide authentication on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This MVC Web App was set up to call several Web APIs protected by Azure AD authentication too.

You can find more information about this basic scenario made up of a Web App connecting to a Web API here. More in detail, Web APIs were employed in a simple straightforward way as if they were microservices, but this specific point is only for further information, not related to the main issue.


Simple way of converting elements in a comma delimited string into row values in a SQL table

In my previous article Simple way to get comma delimited values from a field by using SQL I showed how to get a comma delimited string from a field in a SQL table. But, there are other times you want to get the same but the other way around, that is, converting each element in a comma (or another character) delimited string variable into a row value in a table. How to get this, then?